Thursday, February 24, 2005


I was dressed in my finest suit and tie. I waited for Sasha to get home from work. I was standing in the doorway when I heard her car drive up. I hid just behind the front door, just enough for the door to open all the way. As she opened the door, she was startled as she unexpectedly saw me standing there.

What? What is it? she asked.

I said nothing. I approached her and grasped her hair and head with both hands. My body pressed hers against the closed door. I began kissing her neck and licking her tongue. She was turned on from the surprise. I began kissing her neck more and turned the lock on the door as I did so. I removed her coat as I kissed her. I then looked her straight in the eyes and with my hands, ripped her dress off of her body. Some of the remnants of the dress still clung lesbian teen free pics her. I turned Sasha around and pressed her hard against the door. I grasped her hair with one hand and her throat with the other. I kissed the back of her neck over and over again. She began lesbian sex streak breathe heavily.

I whispered to Sasha, Turn everything over to me. Im going to make you feel like youve never felt before. Youre going to do exactly what I say. Say you understand.

I understand, Sasha said in amazement.

I clenched her hair a lesbian pregnant moms tighter.

Louder, I demanded.

I understand!

Thats what I banks nude lesbian Now, come over here.

I pulled her over to the couch. All she had on was her black bra, underwear, garters, fishnets, high heels, and remnants of her dress.

Bend over. Not that far.

I commanded Sasha to stand just how I wanted her. She stood erect, slightly slouched with her hands grabbing the top of the couch. She wondered what I was going to do next. I stood behind her naked amatuer lesbians slowly began kissing her neck again. I placed one hand on the front side of her panties, the other hand grasping her panties just above the crack of her ass. As I tugged on her underwear, they disappeared slightly inside of her. I pulled back and forth and up and down, which was getting her off. This went on for awhile, and it got Sasha very wet. She was enjoying the tease of her own underwear. She became more wet and started to taste her fingers and caress her own breasts.

You like that dont you, I asked her, knowing the answer.


Slowly, in and out I pulled.

Yes, she said in delight.

Are you getting hot?


Are you getting really hot?


Are you wet?


Tell me.

Im wet.
sex lesbian free pics pulled harder.

Say it again, I commanded.

Oh, Im so wet.

You want it cute lesbian kissing


Say it! proud lesbians
I want it harder.

I began to rub her insides harder and lesbian free xxx

Oh, my cheerleader school fuck lesbian gallery she exclaimed, Oh, yes! Oh, God. Youre making me cum. I dont want to cum yet.

I dont care if you dont want to cum yet. Ill make you cum when I lesbian porno movie clips free6 lesbian college fuck fest it. Do you understand? I pulled harder.

Yes, lesbian coed initiations fuck! Im going to Oh, fuck me. Yes. Yes! lesbiana Sasha was at a boiling point and just fine lesbian nude she yelled Fuck! again, I pulled the thin underwear up until they snapped ashe lesbian tore apart. At that point, she screamed and came.

Her night of being dominated was just beginning. I ripped the panties off.

Sit in the chair.

I had her strattle a chair and face me. I pulled a silk blind fold out of my lapel and walked behind her. I tied the blind fold around her eyes and then removed her bra.

You are going to eat what I tell you to eat, lick what I tell you to lick, and swallow what I tell you to swallow. Do zqa lesbian thumbnail understand?


Good. Now, eat this.

I placed free lesbian orgasm pictures orange slice in Sashas mouth, and as she bit down, the juice ran down her face. Next, I placed a peeled banana close to her mouth. She stuck her tongue lesbian vampire sex and tried to bite it because she could sense something was lesbiana there. I slapped her ass.

Dont eat until I tell you to.

I traced her lips with the banana. She opened her mouth to eat it.

Close your mouth.

I slapped her ass again. You could see frustration and excitement in her face. issues gay and lesbians face
Open your mouth.
hardcore hentai lesbian could tell it was a banana.

Lick it.

Sasha licked the side of the banana.

Suck it.

Sasha took the banana down her throat. I got turned on watching her.

Bite it.

She took a big bite, but did not dare chew unless I teen group lesbian She was learning well.

Eat it.

She did.

I pulled out a spray bottle filled with water while Sasha finished off the banana. She was startled when I sprayed her face. I then sprayed her long dark hair. She liked it bbw lesbians free I combed her wet hair. The water trickled from her forehead to her chin.

I then dangled two cherries in front of her mouth.

Lick them, I said.

As she played with them with ebony girl lesbian tongue, I said, Its okay. You can eat them, now.

Sasha bit into them. I pulled them away just as she made the attempt. Finally, I let her eat them and the cherry juice rolled lesbiana off of her chin. I then got a ariel lesbian sex pepper and told her to bite into it. She bit in as I asked and then she swallowed it. Her mouth began to burn, and she began to wave her hands as if to wave away heat from her mouth. Sasha stood up. lesbians with tight pussies
You will sit!

The heat was becoming unbearable. Sasha sat down.

You will sit until I tell you you can rise. Did you like that?

No! Please give me some water.

Maybe, Ill make you eat more pepper. How about that?

No. Please give me some water. hot lesbian free non-nude pics my, God!

You are going to have to trust me. Your pain pleases me, right now. Rest assured, your obedience will be rewarded. lesbian cheer
Even though Sasha felt an intense burning sensation, she would not get up from the chair. She would not take off the blind fold even though she was not bound. She was willing to trade the pain for the promise of pleasure and dominance. lesbian hentai porn
I gave her a french lesbians at the y part 1 of 15 of ice. She licked it ferociously from my fingers. I placed it in her mouth and she sucked it.

Stick out your tongue.

Unsure of what I might put on her tongue, Sasha hoped for the best and stuck it out. I poured cold milk onto her tongue followed by a taste fast lesbian sex honey. Lick your lips.

She moved her tongue around her lips and the strapons lesbians tgp with it. By this time, I was hard as a rock.

Unzip my pants.

Sasha reached blindly for my pants, unzipped them, and pulled out black lesbian swingers hard cock.

Beg for it.

Can I take your cock in my mouth?

What did you say? I couldnt hear you.

Can I take your cock in my mouth, please?

What are you going to do with it?

I want to lick it.

You want to lick my cock? Do you want to suck it dry?

Yes, I want to lesbian stories photo it dry. Please, let me taste it.

Suck it!
lesbian northeast wisconsin began sucking me. She held it in lesbians free sites hands and sucked it relentlessly. She sucked it so long and took it so deep I was on the verge of cumming.

Suck that dick, baby! Suck it! Oh, yeah. Thats it. Suck that cock.

Finally, I came in Sashas mouth. She drank my injection down with the taste of honey. I pulled my cock out and came on her chin and face. I lesbian love letter her blind fold so she could see me using and dominating her for my pleasure. I slapped her face with my cock.

Get up!

I took her over to the bed and tied her hands over her head to the bedpost. hardcore lesbian pics was now nude and beautiful. I was still fully clothed. I began to spray her entire body with the spray bottle. She looked so sexy with her wet flesh and uncertainty in her eyes.

I rubbed the bottle up and down her body. I slowly moved it down to her clit lesbians licking and lightly teased her with the bottle. I rubbed her clit a little harder. She began lesbian golden and adjusting her body to enjoy it. I put the bottle away and slowly inserted a finger inside her.

You like that, dont you?


How would you like me deep inside you?

Oh, Id like that.

Do you want me deep inside you?
nn lesbians yes.


Yes, Id love you inside me.

Say it louder.

I want your big cock deep inside my pussy.

Thats right. Say it again.

I want your big cock deep inside my pussy, Brian.

I placed another finger inside her.


Oh, God! I want you so bad.

Turn around.

Sasha rolled over onto her belly. I untied the straps so she could clutch the bed. She was going to need to.

Grab the bed.

Sasha clutched the bedposts. I shoved my hard cock deep inside her waiting cunt, and she screamed.

Oh, cff lesbian illinois Fuck me!!

What did you say?

Fuck me!! Fuck lesbian game add on file from behind!!! I grabbed Sashas waist and began to drill her.

Oh, God Damn It! Im getting fucked so good.

I pulled her wet hair.

Ahh, fuck. Oh, just fuck me. Fuck me, now.

I fucked her hard. Her ass felt great slapping up against my waist.

Cum in me.

You want me to cum in you?


Say please.

Please cum in me.


Please cum in my pussy, Brian.

We built up such a rapid pace my cock could hold it no hentai lesbian pokemon We could both feel ourselves cumming oriental lesbian nudes It was beautiful.

Do you love it when I fuck you?

Yes. cartoon lesbian sex comics
I slapped her ass.


Yes, I love it when you fuck me. Just keep on fucking me.

Do you like it when I spank your ass?


I spanked it pictures of lesbo sex Her face shrieked with a mixture of pain and delight.

Tell me cam chat free lesbian web you like.

I like it when you slap my ass.

I slapped it harder.

Oh, yes!

I began caressing Sashas ass with my hands. At different intervals, I would slap it hard.

Spank my ass. Oh, fuck. Give it to me.

I spanked black lesbians tgps harder. I licked my fingers to moisten them then I slowly placed them near Sashas asshole. Her body was already dripping with water and sweat, so I found it easier than usual lesbiana coeds sex lesbian two fingers inside her ass. I pulled them and pushed them inside and out. With my other hand, I continued slapping Sashas ass.

Oh, my God! she exclaimed.

You like that dont you?


Youre a nasty girl, arent you? lesbian gay anal
She loved free lesbo pussy galleries dominated, but she momentarily could not bring herself to say that she was a nasty girl. I slapped her on the ass and continued fucking both holes.

Huh, I didnt hear you?

Yes, she whispered.

Tell me youre a nasty girl! lesbian catfights thumbnails free
Oh, fuck. Im a nasty girl, and I like to get fucked!

You like to get fucked?

Yes. Just fuck me. Fuck my ass!!

You want it in your ass?

Yes. Stick your dick up in there.

Oh, youre going to have to ask lesbiand sex nicer than that. I slapped her ass harder.

Oh, please fuck my ass. Please fuck my ass, Brian. Please fuck my ass, now. Before I inserted my cock in her ass, I ran my tongue from her pussy up the crack of her ass just to taste it before I fucked it. With both of my hands sable and torie lesbian video around Sashas hips, I licked her ass one last time and then spread her ass open. Slowly, I put my penis inside of her.

Ahh! Oh, Christ! Oh, fuck! she screamed loudly.
japanese schoolgirl lesbian a nasty slut, arent you?

Yes, Im a lesbian sites for women slut.

Youre my little whore, arent you.

Yes. free lesbian sex movie
Say it!

We slowly built up a rhythm together. Her ass cheeks slapping lesbiana against me sounded great. We both groaned and moaned as if we were in pain, but it felt incredible. As I took her ass, I pulled her hair back with one hand and raked my fingers down her back with the other. That drove her crazy.

Oh, Im a whore, Sasha yelled, I love being your whore. Ill do anything you want me to.

Sasha had realized being fully dominated. She was in ecstasy as she realized that she had given up total control.

Her sexual hunger was as intense lesbian art as it had counseling for lesbian been. Sasha reached behind and grabbed each cheek of my ass as if to press me further inside her. When she reached her arms backwards, she fell to her face on the mattress. With her head down and ass in the air, I fucked her harder because I was even more excited by the control of pulling her hair while pressing her body into the bed. We continued.

Slowly, as we were both sweating tremendously, one of her fingers reached my asshole, then somehow, another fingers. Her grasp was still tight on my ass, pulling me inside her. We were both so excited. The smell of fuck was in the air. Finally, I came in Sashas ass, and she screamed as she came.

We fell to the bed together and held each other tight until the next morning. We were exhausted. The next day, lying in bed was a real treat, but not as good a treat as the double orgasms we both experienced the night before.


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